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Art Beyond Belief’s Faith Junction resource is a series of DVD interviews of ordinary members of one faith, by ordinary members of another. They are ideal for use as a talking point for discussion, a focus for meetings where religious harmony or religious difference is a key issue or as a starting point for exploring attitudes to and of ordinary members of various faith groups. They are not intended to present the official line or beliefs of any particular faith. The input of the interviewer has been disguised, because wherever possible the narrative has been edited to be continuous, but the viewer should bear in mind the fact the this was a two way exercise and that the role of those asking the questions was as important as the role of those providing the answers. Viewers will also find differences in the way question emphasis shifts depending on the faith of those asking the questions, and this is a fascinating area of study in itself.

I can see myself in all things and all people around me.

Sanskrit Phrase

Often there are differences in the answers between the two people being interviewed, and this lends the discs a sense of charm which was wholly unexpected. There is no right conclusion to be deduced from these interviews, no confirmation other than that we are all different. But points raised, elements stressed here and there give a change of perspective, a new way of seeing not just others’, but one’s own beliefs in a different light. Every one who took part said the project changed the way they thought about their own faith, and their perceptions of the faiths of others.

The initial Faith Junction interviews comprised interviews between members of the Christian, Hindu, Muslim and Sikh faiths. Next were added interviews including members of the Jewish and Buddhist faiths, followed by Baha’i, Jain and Brahma Kumaris, humanists and atheists.

I have been enlightened by the person I interviewed; It’s made me think that I’d like to further the discussions. It’s made me more confirmed in my own faith, but I want to explore the ideas of others.


It has been a wonderful opportunity for me, because while asking the questions I have to reflect on them and in getting the answers. I felt very privileged to hear how much we had in common and how much there is a message of love and understanding and forgiveness and I feel that if at our level as grandmother and mother with a young couple who have just started their children, if we can find such a lot of common ground … I feel that there is hope. I feel that we can multiply this over and over with so many people. We have a message of hope to spread.


It has been a great privilege to participate in this programme. Whichever way God has chosen to reveal himself, the message is the same. Love your fellow human beings. Be kind and gentle with one another. We are all imperfect and forgetful creatures who need to call one another to remember God and our duties. It has been a great privilege working with this team and good things and positive outcome are something that we can look forward to.

The first set of interviews (Sikh, Muslim, Hindu and Christian) are available separately; they are also part of the full interview set.

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Download the Faith Junction Questions

Download the Faith Junction Questions