ColourKube uses a series of workshops to achieve quantifiable results for clients with learning disabilities. Aspects of the workshops are delivered on AppleMac Laptop computers or IPads, and use innovative tools we have developed. The programmes includes trips to engage with social situations; supermarket shopping, choosing presents and products for special events such as Christmas and birthdays, eating and drinking and social skills.

A lot of different flowers make a bouquet.

(of Muslim Origin)

The programme is normally run for six sessions over six weeks, working with a group of six clients. Participants use photography, comic strip creation and other apps and programmes to suit their skills and abilities. They work at their own speed in a non-threatening and non-competitive environment, with plenty of additional one-to-one help available from our facilitators. The programme is suitable for all ages, and works best with a group of similar ability, regardless of age.

We organise a trip around a supermarket – on this day in particular we were looking at colours and shapes – fruit and veg the same shape but different colour, similar colour and different taste. This leads to discussion on the pros and cons of eating similar things – cauliflower and broccoli both having their champions in the group as a good thing to eat.

We ask participants to pick items for a particular purpose – for example, christmas-themed biscuits to take to a party, or what you would choose as a pudding after Christmas dinner. After the choices were made and photographed, they made comic-style stories from their pictures, and also shared the pictures and experiences of others in the group.