Our first values-based programme for schools ran in 2016, with schools from the Independent and State Schools Partnership (ISSP), and was funded by Eton College. Students looked an overview of values, and then worked in depth on a specific value, interviewing a number of invited guests, and making presentations of their findings.  At the end of the twelve-week programme, everyone came together at Eton to share their learning with each other.

In 2018 we were then funded by the Home Office as part of the ‘Building a Stronger Britain Together’ programme, to run a programme with schools from Slough and Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead. This followed a similar format, resulting in a day-event hosted for everyone by Eden School in Slough.

The aims of our programme:

  • to give the students space and time in a relaxed environment to consider, unpack and     discuss their issues around the five British values
  • to inform them about the background to, and context of, British values and their      importance to individuals and in community life.
  • to enable them to develop the knowledge and skills they need to discuss values with friends, family and community.
  • to help them gain the confidence to defend British values and take a stand against       intolerance and extremism.

The iPad-based programmes were based around the the five values that Ofsted required students to know, and built work that had already taken place as part of the curriculum. Our ground-base for exploring values was the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.