Art Monitor comprised a series of programmes designed to help members of vulnernable communities increase self-confidence, communication skills and self-determination. The project was in effect a pilot, enabling us to explore in practice ideas that we had developed and discover which groups of people could best benefit from our approach.

The programmes were designed for people with learning difficulties, those with mental health issues, victims of domestic violence, carers, young offenders, children and young people excluded from mainstream education, and others groups too.

Creativity is contagious, pass it on.

Albert Einstein

The programmes used photographic and computer-based techniques to encourage participation in story-telling through graphic media. This was the first time that we had rolled out this unique combination. We monitored the results carefully, and evaluated how we should proceed with each group. We also held exhibitions of work produced by the clients during the programme.

Perspective, colour, communication and self-expression – Art Monitor was the seed-bed in which we germinated the ideas that bear fruit in our programmes today.